Yield Growth (BOSS.C) expands their mushroom coffee empire into Europe

Yield Growth (BOSS.C) signed a distribution deal with Eurolife Brands to expand their subsidiary, Flourish Mushroom Labs, mushroom-infused coffee concoctions throughout Europe.

Attitudes change at a glacial pace. The culture shifts momentarily in favour of a new idea. People pay attention. But nothing happens politically or legally. Most ideas of this variety die on the vine as fickle attention is drawn somewhere else, but some ideas, like cannabis and possibly psilocybin legalization, having staying power. The next step is always political. The old frame is analyzed, recognized and either reified or discarded as outdated, and a new frame constructed.

The framing of magic mushrooms has been pasted-on from an earlier, more scientifically naive era. But those stories are being challenged, and potentially discarded. If that’s the case, then companies like Yield, getting on top of the psilocybin-containing consumer products market, will land some serious first mover advantage. Especially with coffee drinkers.

“We look forward to launching our mushroom coffees in Europe in alliance with Eurolife Brands using its proprietary consumer analytics and marketing tools. We hope to expand our mushroom-infused coffee mixes to include products with microdoses of psilocybin from magic mushrooms as legalization of psychedelics unfolds,” said Penny White, Yield Growth chief executive officer.

Mushroom coffee seems to be two words that don’t belong together at first glance. Normally, when someone ingests magic mushrooms, it’s brewed in tea. Now imagine taking your morning coffee (or tea, we won’t discriminate here) with a microdose of psilocybin. Recent studies performed by Italy’s Institute for Scientific Interchange have suggested that psilocybin microdoses may produce linkages in the brain that otherwise were not present.

The researchers created a graphic which mapped connections between neural networks. Unstimulated brains show little cross-linking between networks, but when psilocybin is added, a new pattern emerges.

Your brain on mushrooms. Any questions? | Source: Institute for Scientific Interchange

Previously unlinked parts of the brain join together. This could explain why people on a shroom-trip experience intense experiences of colour, sound and taste.

But these aren’t technically infused with psilocybin—not yet, at any rate. Instead, they’re part of what’s known as functional mushrooms.

Three benefits of mushroom coffee:

1. Mushrooms May Support Digestion

2. Less Caffeine

3. Mushrooms May Help With Stress Management

If you’re a regular listener of The Joe Rogan Experience or the Jocko Podcast, you’re probably familiar with ShroomTech. It’s a pill that’s meant to enhance physical and mental performance. Supposedly. Honestly, the jury’s still out on whether or not any of this shit works.

Still, the global functional market is forecasted to reach $324.4 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8.04%, according to a report by Research and Markets. That’s not a bad market for a company like Yield to be apart of, even if attitudes don’t shift. If that glacial drift moves and psilocybin infused mushrooms go from a possibility to a reality, then forward thinking companies like Yield will be poised to capitalize.

Here’s how Yield is spreading out in preparation for that eventuality:

The agreement gives Eurolife Brands exclusive distribution rights in Germany, the UK and Switzerland for the mushroom coffee line. The parties plan to integrate the mushroom coffee mix products into Eurolife’s e-commerce platform in Q2 2020, after testing and regulations are complete. The initial mushroom coffee lines will include Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Shitake, Chagas and Cordyceps.

Now it’s a matter of time.

In other news, Yield licensed 126 formulas based on ancient Ayurvedic medicine to its wholly owned subsidiary Flourish Mushroom Labs for use in products infused with functional or magic mushrooms for a 50 year term. Flourish Mushroom Labs has agreed to pay $3,000,000 to Yield Growth. The fee is payable as follows: $1,800,00 payable as 90 million common shares of Flourish Mushroom Labs to be issued to Yield Growth at a deemed value of $0.02 per share.

“We are positioning Flourish Mushroom Labs to be a key player in the fast growing international functional mushroom market. Flourish Mushroom Labs also has the rights to infused products in its extensive formula catalogue with psychedelic mushrooms, where it’s legal to do so,” White said.

—Joseph Morton

Full Disclosure: Yield Growth is an equity.guru marketing client.

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