Roadman Investments (LITT.V) Amsterdam JV brings home Psychedelic Insights

Roadman Investments (LITT.V) is forming a California-based joint-venture with lifestyle centre Psychedelic Insights to open the first psilocybin therapy centre in the United States when the states get around to legalizing it.

Psychedelic Insights is one of the few organizations in the world that offers legal retreats using psychotropic substances, and in this case, psilocybin truffles. No surprise here, but the company is based in Amsterdam, and has a crack team of experienced professionals using the best practices in modern science and therapeutic modalities.

“We are truly excited to complete this first step towards establishing a psilocybin therapy center in California. The experienced team at Psychedelic Insights and the leadership from Dr. Scharlach will provide our company a significant competitive advantage and the ability to be first movers once psilocybin is re-scheduled,” said Luke Montaine, CEO and director of Roadman Investments.

Guided psychedelic trips are the best

Psilocybin mushrooms, like most drugs, are handled differently in The Netherlands. Since truffles are considered food for purposes of production and preparation, it’s possible to walk into a cafe over there and order yourself some magic mushrooms along with your morning coffee. Depending on where you go they’ll come with a system telling you how powerful they are—kinda like ordering spicy pasta at Olive Garden—except instead of requiring milk, you’ll need someone to follow you around to make sure you don’t accidentally take a swim in a canal.

That’s why the retreat performs medical screenings to ensure client safety, and includes professional supervision at every retreat. The company’s treatments aim to produce lasting improvements in well-being through moderate to high doses of psilocybin truffles and a carefully developed treatment process. Roadman anticipates that both the model and expertise from clinics in the Netherlands will be transferable as medical and legal attitudes regarding psychedelics shift in the coming years.

The joint Venture Structure of the operation is as follows:

  • 3-year joint venture partnership agreement for the state of California;
  • Agreed upon financial investment numbers on non-operating, operating and capex costs;
  • Mutual extension, material adverse changes, termination, and renewal clauses;
  • Roadman provides all the capital for 51% ownership of the JV;
  • Dr. Randy Scharlach leads the implementation and local operations for 9% ownership of the JV;
  • Psychedelic Insights provides the treatment protocols, know how and operates that business for 40% ownership of the JV.

Roadman’s advisor, Dr. Randy Scharlach, i s based in Los Angeles, and will be leading face for the company’s psychedelic push. Randy is one of the few medical doctors in the U.S. that has completed academic certification in clinical use and research using Schedule 1 psychedelic medicines. He’s also a board member for two respective L.A. Based Neuroscience institutes and certified by the Centre for Psychedelic Therapy and Research at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

The road thus far…

Maybe cannabis is a gateway drug—if only politically—because the shroom-boom has followed the trajectory set by cannabis. It begun in Denver, followed by Oakland, California and has since spread to Santa Cruz earlier this month, and now there are initiatives in place to put decriminalization of mushrooms on the ballot in the golden state.

Mustering political will to make a serious change when there’s been so much opposition for so long is a long process, but if the steady spread of cannabis legalization in Canada and various states of the union are any indication then the time has come.

—Joseph Morton

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