Red Light Holland (TRIP.C) turns to virtual reality to inform customers about psychedelics

Red Light Holland (TRIP.C) has engaged Delaware-based virtual reality company to develop a shopping experience VR module that will explain the effects of microdosing on magic truffles on the human brain, and a virtual reality avatar that will put Red Light’s brand front and centre.

RadixMotion is a VR company that uses the latest neuroscience research with immersive technology to strengthen the connection between the body and brain.

“Now imagine shopping for something new — but wanting to truly experience it before purchasing? Pretty cool idea, right? What we are aiming to create here is a virtual reality experience that potential consumers can use before buying our microdose packs. This way, they can experience what the effects of microdosing magic truffles would be like, to help with their personal comfort and understanding before actually purchasing our product. They can also opt in and provide us with key data that we can use to study and help support valuable research and study,” said Todd Shapiro, chief executive officer and direct of the company.

The intention behind the project is to teach, and inform customers, so they can make up their own minds about magic truffles and other psychedelic substances, thus enabling Red Light to gather data on user experience of synesthesia, loss of autonomy and suggestibility, which will assist the company with further study and research in the psychedelic space.

“As a company, Red Light Holland’s mission is to always educate and inform shareholders and eventual end consumers about our product, as we develop our legal magic truffles microdose packs in the Netherlands. This agreement with RadixMotion and Sarah Hashkes, the CEO of RadixMotion and a scientific researcher with valuable knowledge on microdosing (and now our new scientific adviser), reinforces our belief that the public needs to learn more about psilocybin.

Synesthesia is a condition in one sense is involuntarily accompanied by another sense. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people’s names with a sensory perception like smell, colour or flavour. For example, someone will see a word in a newspaper and it may be accompanied by another sense, allowing the person to somehow smell the word. This is one of the potential experiences one may have under the influence of magic mushrooms.

The virtual reality avatar, which the company anticipates being finished by Q3 2020, will be integrated into RadixMotion’s Meu platform, which is the first social platform based on three dimensional human movement data, and uses the company’s movement data channels to bridge VR and mobile augmented reality. The avatar is expected to play a role n Red Light Holland’s campaign to reduce the stigma surrounding magic truffles and other psychedelics.

Hashkes, co-founder and CEO of RadixMotion, will be leading the design and development of the VR module and avatar. She will be leveraging history of academic research focused on cognitive neuroscience and psychedelics to build the 3D human movement data channels. In return, RadixMotion will be providing Red Light with access to their movement channel API, which the company will launch in the future to help assess prospective clients reactions to altered states of consciousness.

The deal also includes an intellectual proper license agreement, wherein Radixmotion has licensed intellectual property regarding the VR module and avatar, as well as other technologies under the agreement.

The VR module is expected to be completed in Q4 2020.

—Joseph Morton

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