Core One Labs (COOL.C) subsidiary Akome initiate next step of clinical development for AKO001 and AKO003

  Core One Labs’ (COOL.C) wholly-owned subsidiary Akome Biotech announced they are initiating the next step of their clinical development of their patent-pending psychedelic formulations AKO001 and AKO003. The next step involves new studies that will further enhance Akome’s knowledge supporting the use of psychedelics as strong candidates in the treatment of ischemic strokes (which AKO001 targets) and depression (which AKO003 targets). Akome is searching for a partner research organization or academic institution for both in vivo and in vitro studies. Once a successful partner is chosen, both kinds of studies will be conducted simultaneously to save time. In vitro studies – used to describe work that’s performed outside of a living organism – determine whether a pharmaceutical candidate produces the desired changes on cell cultures and is conducted in test tubes. These studies are quick and based on information presented in the provisional patents. The in vivo research which refers to when research or work is done with or within an entire, living organism – will test the pharmaceutical candidate in animals with a similar disease to the disease the pharmaceutical is intended to treat in humans.
“We are excited to announce we have started the process of moving forward in the next step of our clinical trials development for our stroke treatment drug formulation and our depression treatment drug formulation. Identifying a partner with experience, and knowledge of the targeted diseases, will allow Core One to efficiently complete well thought out, and detailed studies.” stated Joel Shacker CEO of the Company.
AKO001 is Akome’s psychedelic compound comprised of N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and a plant bioactive, which they believe will work in a complimentary way. Akome hopes that AKO001 will help mitigate neurological damage from ischemic strokes, which result from a reduction in blood flow resulting in decreased oxygen and nutrient supplies to a tissue, and ischemic strokes occur when a vessel supplying blood to the brain is obstructed. Ischemic strokes account for 87% of all strokes. AKO003 is Akome’s blending of Ketamine and a proprietary dual plant bioactive, which in combination appear to act in a complementary way in addressing Major Depressive Disorder. Akome filed a patent application for AKO003 last month with the US Patent and Trademark Office, under application 63128302. Following today’s news, Core One shares are down 1 cent and are currently trading at $5.99 Full disclosure: Core One Labs are not currently an Equity Guru marketing client, but have been in the past. The post Core One Labs (COOL.C) subsidiary Akome initiate next step of clinical development for AKO001 and AKO003 appeared first on Equity.Guru.

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