Red Light Holland (TRIP.C) teams with Conor McGregor’s sports recovery line, TIDL Sport

Red Light Holland (TRIP.C) subsidiary SR Wholesale in the Netherlands inked a distribution deal with TIDL Sport, best known for being Conor McGregor’s sports recovery line.

TIDL Sports products blend exercise science and cryotherapy with plant-based therapy to help with pain relief and athletic recovery. These products target inflammation, which is where most post-exercise pain and soreness originates.

“I’ve been putting extra focus on my overall health for years now, which is why I’m so pleased that TIDL Sport is partnering with Red Light Holland. Our combined efforts to distribute products with the goal of education around sports recovery — both mentally and physically — are where Red Light Holland and TIDL Sport are progressive and aligned,” said McGregor.

Red Light Holland is based in Ontario, and involved in producing, growing and selling magic truffles, mostly through existing smart shop operators in The Netherlands, but also via an e-commerce platform. Their subsidiary, SR Wholesale, distributes cannabis seeds, edibles, cannabis ancillaries like e-juice and bongs, mushrooms related products, and CBD products to a network of over 300 companies.

TIDL Sports products are designed for anyone with an active lifestyle, no matter what sport they play and at any skill level. Recovery importance is important to anyone who does any variety of athletic endeavour and these products focus on different segments, including relief with the present product line and a pipeline focusing on nutrient replacement and body recharge.

“The foundation of TIDL Sport and Conor McGregor are completely aligned with Red Light Holland. Together we believe in naturally occurring therapies, healthy and active lifestyles, and living in the moment with the goal of long-term recovery while focusing on the betterment of physical and mental health. We see a large opportunity to educate around recovery and wellness and look forward to working closely with Conor and Badal Shah, chief executive officer at The Anthos Group, now and into the future,” said Todd Shapiro, CEO and director of Red Light Holland.

The brand’s flagship product is a plant-powered cryotherapy topical spray that uses cold therapy and plant science to bring pain relief. The plant ingredients in the product range from organic plant-derived extracts to well known anti inflammatory agents, which work to increase bloodflow to the application site and help the plant-based ingredients get into the body and get to work.

—Joseph Morton

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